Have a Seat & Change Your Life


The goal of BG Move Cycling is movement. Our lives are so busy, that finding a moment to move is often difficult. 


"I've been cycling, teaching cycling, and choreographing cycling classes for over 20 years. In all my years doing this, I've come to realize that there are two things that keep people moving - good music and a fun environment. I bring that mentality into all my fitness challenges. I know that sometimes getting to the gym, or even just getting in a good workout at home can be challenging. You're stressed at school or tired from work or exhausted from taking care of your family. But if you know you're going to have a fun challenge with great music, you're going to be excited to get moving. And that's all that matters - movement. One step at a time is all takes. So join me; have a seat and change your life."

- Brian Guzman, CEO and Creator